Olive Oil: Tasting is an art.

Tasting olive oil requires a heightened sensibility. We begin by pouring a tablespoon of the olive oil into a glass and warming it slightly with our hand. We take a whiff to assess its aroma, essentially a single deep breath, and follow up our initial impressions with the all-important taste test, placing a few drops on the tongue without swallowing. The more precious olive oils are often described as fresh (when the flavour of the olive is perceived), reminiscent of almond, slightly bitter or gentle (not too aromatic). At the other end of the spectrum, we find olive oils that are rancid, coarse (lacking harmony and clarity) or metallic in taste. Our senses are perfect for singling out the best olive oils and selecting an oil that enhances our dishes, and our enjoyment, at the table.

Did you know...
Did you Know...
Olive oil: tasting is an art.
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