Delicious food and a Healthy Lifestyle

As the word suggests, well-being is about “being well”, including enjoying delicious food, as living fully means eating well and not just healthy. Of course, a carefully balanced diet is important, especially with regards to managing fat content. Olive oil and, in particular, extra virgin olive oil, can be your best bet when bringing together well-being and great taste. It’s the perfect combination of goodness, flavour and purity, with all the advantages and virtues of a health food. Extra virgin olive oil is a tasty, healthy and natural ingredient, which is why consuming it regularly (30-60g a day) can keep us healthy. These are the main characteristics of extra virgin olive oil:

A wealth of evidence suggests that daily consumption of olive oil, together with vegetables, fresh fruit, cereals, legumes and fish (ie. the Mediterranean diet) and limited meat intake (especially red meat) is synonymous with an active, healthy lifestyle. Olive oil’s many wonderful properties make it an essential part of a contemporary, wholesome and nutritional diet.

Did you know...
Did you Know...
Olive oil: tasting is an art.
Delicious food and a healthy lifestyle